how did you find my website?
neocities website

3:55pm 07-15-2022

how did you find my website?

neocities rabbit hole

neocities website

HI how are you doing I hope everything is going spendid in your neck of the woods. Have a great day
3:02pm 06-30-2022

how did you find my website?

the ol 'roo
tee hee hee hee hee hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo. nice webbed site HEE HEE HOO HOO
3:48am 04-23-2022
Panaazz Dirtwater

how did you find my website?

Clicking stuff at random
Pretty cool place you got here, couldn't see the shrine unfortunately but i'll come back later. Catch ya later
4:43am 11-21-2021

how did you find my website?


neocities website

its a wip LOL
I LOVE UR PAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work !!!

♡ mona
Replied on: 3:00pm 11-23-2021

TY MONA ur the best

2:20pm 11-16-2021

how did you find my website?

Surfin the waves, dude...

neocities website

Wanna VitSee Seventh-Heaven, miss adorable?
♡ ♡
2:40am 11-14-2021

how did you find my website?

Found it by looking thru Neocities' search-thing lol

neocities website
Very cute website ^^
Replied on: 3:00pm 11-23-2021

thank you !!

3:28am 10-30-2021

how did you find my website?

you followed me~!

neocities website
HI! I think you're website looks splendid! I like the updates window that you can move, i ought to try that ^o^
Replied on: 2:58pm 10-30-2021

TY!! i got this code from a carrd but i dont remember which one (sad) but u can rip it from my code if u want ^^

10:04am 10-29-2021

how did you find my website?

it's on my feed cuz of arez

neocities website
yooure splash page is so funny it's like so goofily terrifying like theyre on their way to beat me up loslfoldoflolololololo
Replied on: 10:11am 10-29-2021

LMFAOOO but thank you!!!

9:58am 10-29-2021
omg all your links are super useful, thanks you for them!!
Replied on: 10:10am 10-29-2021

your welcome!!! i had tons of these in my bookmarks that were so good to not be shared around the web!! <3

8:43pm 10-27-2021

how did you find my website?

You followed me first :0

neocities website
DUDE! I LOVE PERSONA 4!!! I also am in love with the wii button you have on your page! Mind if i steal it? Anyways lol, I love how the site looks so far! Great job snagging the url and lmk when you get your own button so I can link you ^-^
Replied on: 8:16am 10-28-2021

hi there!!! yeah its fine to steal those buttons most of them arent mine LOL, also i will make my button bcs i lost the file i was using !! ty for your compliments ^^

8:10pm 10-27-2021